Should We Ask Gifts from Sugar Daddy On the First Date?

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Gifts for sugar baby

As a sugar baby, you do want to have a great time and keep your sugar daddy happy. After all, this needs to be a mutually beneficial experience. You want to have fun, explore all the options, and also enjoy the time that you are spending with him. It helps a lot to just check out all the great ideas and explore the location with this person who might even become your lover someday.

But then you have the question, is it a good idea for a sugar baby to ask for a gift from her sugar daddy? That’s the type of thing that can be related to misconceptions and other things like that, so what you want to do is to focus on making things easier, and the faster you do that, the better the results will be. Of course, there are tricky moments along the way, and if you have the right amount of commitment you will be fine.


It all comes down to you as you imagine. Some sugar babies like the idea of being showered with gifts. And if you want that you can let them know. There are sugar daddies who are more than okay with sharing gifts with you, so you need to take advantage of that. How you choose to approach this entire thing is really up to you. But ideally, you want to avoid making a person do this kind of stuff unless you want gifts.

When it comes to what gifts you want, it’s important to have something meaningful to you. Some sugar babies want flowers, those are normal. Others want you to take them shopping so they can buy stuff they enjoy. There are sugar babies who enjoy gadgets. Or you can go with higher quality gifts like perfume or anything like that. You do need to think about the double meaning of your gift and how it will be interpreted, which is exactly the type of situation you need to be dealing with. It’s important to understand the situation and actively find a way to make this work adequately.

Is it a good option to ask for a gift? It all comes down to your preferences and how you want to start the relationship with the sugar daddy. Many times a relationship like this will rely on gifts, so it’s not bad if you want to ask for gifts. Yet you are the one that sets the tone here. If you expect gifts from the first date, then they will expect you to want more and more gifts all the time. It’s important to think about this before you go on the date, because the faster you do that, the easier it will be for you to make this kind of thing work. It’s not always going to be a walk in the park, but if you do it right the potential is there for sure and you just have to know how to do it properly and with the best possible results.


While there are sugar babies that want gifts on the first date, that doesn’t always make a lot of sense if you think about it. You want to be committed and focused on results, and also explore all the possible options that can appear. It’s a good idea to show that you are not overly materialistic. Lots of sugar daddies try to stay away from a woman like this, and you need to understand why that happens. If a situation like this appears, then they will end up with problems and in this case, the best thing you can do is to just go away and try to figure out what options you can consider.

Not asking for a gift is the right thing to do because a good sugar daddy will come with gifts anyway. If he doesn’t then that’s on him. But making him do it despite not wanting to might not be the best option to consider in a situation like this one. You just have to tread lightly here and actively find a way for everyone to be happy and just enjoy the process in a way that works. It’s adaptable and one of the better opportunities to try out something new and commit to great ideas that work in the long run. Yes, some challenges and situations will be hard to access. But in the end, he should be the one coming with gifts anyway.

Plus, if you’re not satisfied with your gifts you can end the sugar daddy dating experience or you can continue the relationship and ask for things just like an allowance. You have to realize that you are in control of the sugar daddy experience. If you want sugar daddy dating to be based on gifts, it can be like that. Ideally, you want to let him choose all of this and focus on that if possible. It’s better to let him pick as it shows a sign of class on both sides. Plus, if you want to date him then you need to trust him and that he will make the right choices when it comes to gifts.

What can you do in the end? You either are very vocal about asking for stuff or you let the ball in his corner. The idea is to figure this out early on. Because if you don’t do that, there will be problems and that’s the type of thing you want to avoid in a situation like this. Adaptability is key and if you do it right then nothing will be impossible and you have to commit to it as much as you can. There will be tricky situations and challenges, true, but if you do it right nothing will stand in your way. Stay focused on what you want and don’t hesitate to be vocal about it!

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