Differences Between Sugar Babies and Prostitutes

A lot of people from across the globe are often very confused between the idea of sugar baby dating and prostitution. Unfortunately, they aren't aware of the differences between the two. You'd be surprised to know that there is a very fine line between the two.

What is sugar baby dating?

This form of dating involves a sugar daddy (a wealthy man) who is willing to offer financial assistance to a sugar baby (a gorgeous young woman) in exchange for companionship and lovemaking. While it is worth noting that although sex is an integral part of a sugar daddy-baby relationship, it isn't the only thing that's needed in a healthy relationship.

On the other hand, the benefits aren't just in the form of money. Sugar daddies are known to accompany their partners on holidays, exotic trips and shopping sprees. They may also take their sugar baby to social gatherings and be friends with her.

How is prostitution different from Sugar baby dating?

In simple words, prostitution means sex in exchange for money. There are no feelings and the individuals involved don't get into a relationship. Besides, a prostitute may be involved with multiple partners in a relatively short period. For instance, a prostitute would charge you on an hourly basis for the services that she provides. Prostitution is a business and the prostitute may offer services to multiple clients at the same time.

When it comes to sugar daddy dating, a sugar baby is in a relationship with only one sugar daddy at a time and the same holds for the man. There is no scope for having multiple partners. On the other hand, sugar dating is regarded as a mutually beneficial relationship for an extended period. In this case, the sugar daddy would take care of her expenses, tuition, bills, and every basic need.

Also, prostitutes don't have to remember their clients as there is absolutely no commitment required. In a few cases, sugar daddy-sugar baby relationships have ended up in marriage too. This is never the case with prostitutes, who never treat their clients as lifetime companions.

The Myths

"Sugar babies are mere prostitutes" - this is just a myth and bears no truth. As mentioned earlier, prostitution is a business whereas sugar daddy -sugar baby dating is not. While sugar dating involves partners, prostitutes maintain clients. Another difference between the two is the perks that women are entitled to.

When dating a sugar daddy, sugar babies may expect expensive gifts, holidays at exotic locations and money required to pay their bills or tuition. On the other hand, prostitution is only a sex service wherein women are given monetary benefits.

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