Can you understand the Lifetime movie "Sugar Babies" by Alyson Stoner

"Sugar Babies" aired on Lifetime yesterday. Before you watch it, most people will define it as a financial activity between a sugar daddy and a younger woman(some times we called her as sugar baby), or just like some college girls provide sexual behavior to older men to get the pay for their college. However, after you watch it, you will know your guess is absolutely wrong. This movie was mostly about young women learning life lessons filled with romance and a little humor.

The actress of this movie Alyson Stoner plays the sugar baby role Katie. She's just transferred to a new college where she meets the head sugar baby Tessa (Tiera Skovbye) when she offers to let her borrow her textbook for a class they're in together.Tessa and her friends Sasha and Rochelle use a sugar babies website to look for sugar daddy paying for their college expenses. Once in a party, Katie gets drunk and flirts with James who is a rich man from England. However, Katie doesn't feel comfortable to receive money from the man, but for her Italy study program she has to make some desicions in this movie, they are funny, romantic and interesting, so if you are interested in this movie you can go to mylifetimemovie to know more. If you are interested in sugar babies and sugar daddy relationships, you can join sugar babies website to enjoy yourselves. Thanks!