The Effect of the FOSTA-SESTA Bill On the Sugar Daddy Dating

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The FOSTA(Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act )and the SESTA (Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act) bills were passed nearly half a year. It brings a great negative influence on sugar daddy/baby dating platforms. Today our editor will analyze and predict the effects, and will also provide some helpful tips for such kinds of dating platforms to protect themselves.

The Impact On Sugar Daddy Sites / Apps

The bill was passed on April 11, 2018, and until today it has brought the following 5 negative effects and some are still continuing to affect dating platforms.

Affect The Marketing: Before they advertised in many different famous media, and released many presses on news sites, but now many sugar daddy sites have a concern about promotion because they’re afraid they’ll be used as a scapegoat. Especially has converged a lot at this dangerous moment, it decreased the frequency of promotion.

Affect The Users’ Profile Quality: The sugar dating field has always been controversial, and for privacy reasons, some male sugar daddies would not like to upload their real photo or full figure in their profile. Given the legal implication, many sugar daddy dating sites also made a compromise in this aspect, which will heavily affect the site users’ profile quality.

App Store Will Kick Out These applications: After the law is passed, the apple store took fast action and made many sugar daddy dating apps under the shelf, including SeekingArrangement, Sudy, SugarD, SugarDaddyMeet, SugarMe, and SugaDady, even apps just contain income feature also are kicked out, such as MillionaireMatch and MDate. While compared with the Apple store, the Google play store seems quite silent, it has not taken any actions on those apps. However, we worry that Google will also learn apple to kick out those apps.

Search Engine May Lower The Ranking: Search engines including Google and Bing may cancel the automatic keywords recommendation, and even add the related keywords to the ranking algorithm, so any sites containing sugar daddy-related keywords may have a lower ranking in the search result. But if you are such a sugar babies website, which is like a blog site that only provides a dating guide or shares some dating stories or news will not be affected.

The Authorities May Require Them to Be Shut Down: Although the authorities have passed the FOSTA and the SESTA, there is no clear definition of sugar daddy platforms. Once someday, they hold the view that the Sugar Daddy platform = Prostitution Service, what are they waiting for its closure?

Why Are The Authorities So Strict?

The unclear definition of sugar baby dating has been existing so many years, however, why does this year the government take so strict measures? Our editors think except for the vague definition of sugar daddy dating and prostitution services, another crucial factor is that many criminal cases are from sugar dating sites, such as the recent “Texan Behind 3D-Printed Gun Legal Battle Charged With Sexual Assault of a Minor”, which is from You can find many such cases reported by different famous media on Google.

Editors View

Firstly we are against any escort and prostitution service, we also clearly claim on our site that ” SUGARBABIES.COM DOES NOT PROVIDE ESCORT SERVICE, ONLY PROVIDING THE LUXURY DATING GUIDE!” However, we can not agree that sugar daddy dating services are equal to sex money exchange. A sugar daddy relationship indeed involves money and sex, however, which dating relationship does not have them? especially sex is the inescapable factor in most relationships, so the wealthy ones spend money on buying gifts for their love, they give allowance to their honey is a mistake? In China, a girl may date many different boyfriends before she gets married, everyone will spend money and have sexual behavior with her, can we say she is a prostitute? Can we see if she is working on an escort service? Actually, there are many differences between a sugar baby and prostitution:

Prostitution means sex in exchange for money. There are no feelings and the individuals involved will not get into a relationship. But for a sugar relationship, you need to pay not just for money but also for feelings and emotions. / Prostitution service is 1 vs more, sugar baby service is 1 vs 1, at least it was proper for a long time. / A prostitute doesn’t have to remember their client’s name, but it is a must for a sugar baby.

How Do Sugar Dating Sites Protect Themselves?

Before the final disaster comes, our editors also list some measures for sugar daddy dating sites to protect themselves:

  • Provide more exact safety dating tips for users, especially for female sugar babies, such as they can choose the profile and income-verified sugar daddies as their first option, and don’t go too far and unfamiliar places.
  • In order to reduce criminal cases, especially fraud cases, the website-related owner should filter the profiles more carefully and seriously, and kick out the scammers and fake profiles as soon as possible.
  • Add alarm function, users can send an emergency to the site immediately, so the sugar daddy dating platform can help to call the police or offer useful information to assist the police in handling cases.
  • To make an early transition to another dating field, SeekingArrangement has changed its name to Seeking and has been developing into the general adult dating field, now no matter the site and app, both of them rank well in search engines and app stores.

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