Should Sugar Baby Obey His Sugar Daddy Absolutely?

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The sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship is a mutually beneficial relationship, the sugar baby satisfies the sugar daddy’s requirements such as sex and accompany, then sugar daddy will give an allowance or other gifts to his sweet sugar baby. However, should the sugar baby satisfy her daddy completely in order to get more benefits?


As a sugar baby, our goal is simply to get more out of sugar daddy, only in this way can we get the allowance, luxury bags, cars, house, or other material things we want.

You can only earn your sugar daddy's trust if you absolutely obey him. Because he will think you are an obedient person, he may arrange for you to deal with some things privately for him, or even arrange for you to work in his company or enterprise, so that you have more opportunities to develop your own career. As a sugar baby, it's all about getting the most out of your sugar daddy, either materially or professionally, so why not go with your sugar daddy?


Maybe someone has different views, who thinks sugar babies can not obey their sugar daddies' arrangement absolutely, they should have their own bottom line. Sugar daddy and sugar baby dating is a mutually beneficial relationship. The purpose of this kind of dating is to let each other get what each other wants, without any attachment.

As a sugar baby, your identity is a companion, not a slave, so your identity in the dating relationship is equal and everything should be negotiated so as to meet the requirements of each other. If your sugar daddy cannot meet the requirements for you reluctantly agreeing to his request, once this case opened, you might have met many such kinds of things in the future.

Be your own personality that appeals to your sugar daddy. Since people tend to like things that are challenging, especially men, your sugar daddy, who is in a dominant position, would try his best to win your heart. In the meantime, he needs to pay more money for material things. There is a saying goes that the more difficult to get things, the more they want, so that they know how to cherish the relationship. Of course, this could be a good way for qualified sugar babies to get more benefits.


Everyone has their own characteristics, and maybe some people are always submissive and often have no opinions of their own, so it's not necessarily a bad thing to listen to your sugar daddy. But as an advanced sugar baby, you should use your wisdom and means to conquer your sugar daddy to get your best interests. But it is worth emphasizing that nothing against the law should be touched. Justice has long arms. This should be a sweet relationship, don't let it with regret and blemishes.

Best regards to all the generous sugar daddies and clever sugar babies!

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