The Problems of Sugar Dating App Vs Desktop or Mobile Site

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Sugar Daddy Dating Apps

Now with the in-depth use of mobile phones, people are used to using mobile phones to check and search for what they need, they would not spend so much time on the computer. The same goes for dating, where people are used to downloading dating apps on their phones to find their mates. However, dating apps can be problematic when compared to desktop or mobile web dating sites, this problem is particularly prevalent in some areas of adult dating, such as sugar daddy and sugar baby dating. Today we’ll take a look at some of the problems with sugar daddy dating apps.


Due to the limitations of many factors, such as technology, the function of a dating app is not as perfect as that of a desktop or mobile web. We take the SugarDaddyMeet (SDM) dating app as an example, compared with desktop or mobile version websites, SDM apps are less multi-functional, such as quick matches, private albums, blogs, forums, dating advice, successful dating stories, and so on. In addition, the chat interface is different, in the application, you need to go back to check the messages of others, but on the desktop website, you can see who sent you the messages in a window, so by contrast, the desktop and mobile site version do better in these aspects.


If you know a little bit about app payments, you should know that app stores (Apple and Google play) will charge a 30% royalty, therefore, the app upgrade fee is definitely higher than the desktop and mobile web site. Therefore, I believe that if I am a paying user, I would rather pay at a low price. After all, it will not affect my use, because I can log in through the same account on the app and desktop. We still take Sugar Daddy Meet app as an example, lets a check about their membership fee on the desk site and app. Following are the desktop and mobile site version upgrade membership fees.

For the Desktop or Mobile site:
1-month subscription: $50; 3-month subscription: $90; 6-month subscription: $144

Then let’s take a look at the app membership fee:
1 Month – $$64.99; 3 Months – $99.99; 6 Months – $159.99

so after making a detailed price comparison, I’m sure you will make the right choice

Refund and Customer Service

The app refund needs you to manually control it by yourself. But because of the chargeback problem, many pc or mobile website product customer service will deal with your refund as soon as possible, once they received your request. Another problem is that the refund of the app may not be refundable sometimes. Once I have paid for a sugar dating app, as a result, I cannot cancel the payment and even cannot close the renewal in the apple store, and to my surprise that Apple cannot handle it, so all you have to do is change a credit card.


Everyone knows that FOSTA-SESTA Bil has a great negative impact on the sugar daddy dating field, especially the dating apps most of which have been removed by the Apple store, so the sweet daddy dating app is uncertain and unstable, although Google store has not taken the same strict measures as the apple. If it were me, I would choose a product that is available on both the desktop, and mobile website versions, and the app. In case my app fails to work, I can also use the desktop or mobile website.

Take Up Storage

It is acknowledged that every application you download on your phone must take up some storage. Everyone’s phone must have kinds of apps, these apps not only include dating but also involve life, game, finance, health, news, and so on. But pc and mobile version sites are different, which will not take any storage at all. This is not as important, as others, it’s just a little bit of advice.

Our Advice

In conclusion, compared with desktop websites and mobile version websites, dating apps do have some problems. Of course, this is not only a problem with dating apps but also a problem with many types of apps. If you care about membership fees rather than features and memory usage, we recommend that you sign up and pay on your phone or desktop, which can save you money and gives you a more detailed understanding of the product.

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